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Classification of KBLI 2017 is Based on International standard

Now the world of trading in Indonesia has imposed KBLI 2017 in the process of its activities. Then what is KBLI?

KBLI is an abbreviation of Indonesian field book classification. Indonesian field book classification is now a trading standard and reference for various aspects.

Classification based on Kbli 2017

KBLI is very important for an effort to establish a company because the KBLI code is listed on the trading business license or SIUP, the register of companies or TDP and the investment licensing which will be issued by notarized deed and will Significant influence on the ins and outs of established business activities.

What is KBLI 2017 in Indonesia

KBLI is based on economic activities that produce a product either in the form of goods or services. This list consists of a valid and consistent structure of economic activity and interrelated with each other in accordance with international agreements.

For those of you who want to know what is KBLI 2017, then the KBLI code should also be understood. A business entity with a certain KBLI code cannot participate in a tender or will not do business outside the code already listed in the Deed of incorporation.

It is currently limited to only 3 KBLI codes to be listed. Of course different from the previous years that could have more number of codes and certainly more than 3. The arrangement consists of several digit numbers with their respective characteristics.

In the first two digits represent the principal business field as well as the major trade represented by the number 46 and the number 47 for retail trade. The figures will then be developed implicitly and specifically according to the business branches up to 3 or 5 digits.

Such adjustments by KBLI Indonesia is actually also uniform with international standards where it is also contained in ISIC (International Standard Industrial Classification if All Economic Activities).

This arrangement is an ownership of the United Nations of Statistical Division (UNSD) which is actually a division of the statistic United Nation or the United Nations (UN). Because it’s the same code all over the world.

The other advantage is also the code that applies globally and makes it easy when you want to get along with business people in the international world or when you’re going to be on the development.

In the domestic business, KBLI 2017 is a very important thing to fulfill. One reason to comply with the OSS or Online Single Submission is actually a new licensing system and applies in this field.

The purpose of this classification so that the business entity can build expertise and services in certain areas only. The code KBLI 2017 itself is a form of the last release of the central Statistic Agency (BPS) which should be a reference by the businessman.

One of its legal bases is regulation of head of BPS No. 19 of 2017 on amendment of KBLI 2015. The company has existed after the year 2017 when KBLI 2017 has been established, it is mandatory for them to use this numbering.

While older companies are obliged to make adjustments. It means that there are many old companies that are still not using the system established on March 8, 2017 so that they have to make various remediation efforts with the latest provisions that have been set.

If your company deed has been changed with KBLI 2017 or the new KBLI, and of course in accordance with OSS, you will get some benefits including:

Your company is compliant with the latest government licensing

Conformity between the deed of establishment of the company with the OSS system will certainly make business actors do not have to do various kinds of adjustments because they already have the legality documents that are indeed required by the latest rules of the government.

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