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VoCodes: App Create Character Voices from Text

Vocodes is famous for its wide selection of voice types. We can use the voices of famous characters or characters in the world. Unlike other sounds of text, which generally provide the types of voices we generally hear (Google voices, female voices, male voices and other types of voices that do not have a characteristic).

On the Vocodes site, we can use the voices of the American President, the voices of anime, cartoons, game characters, and world famous people. To know more about this site, see the explanation below.

A Collection of Features in VoCodes

You can use all of these features for free, and you don’t need to create an account. Just go to the VoCodes site and take advantage of all these features. What are the types of Google voices that can be made?

Create English Sound of Text

He only uses one type of language, namely English. At least for now, hopefully in the future there will be new updates that can make us use other languages.

See more:

Many Choices of Sound Types Are Available

There are many choices of sound categories, ranging from Cartoons and Anime, Celebrities, US Presidents, Video Game, Musicians, Streamer YouTuber, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Popular Meme Voice and others.

As for the types of voices provided, there are more than 50 votes. I will mention only famous characters or figures, namely Spongebob Squarpants, Sonic, Mr Krabs, Squidward, Goku, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Simpsons, Bill Gates, Star Wars characters, The Boss, Snake, Mark Zuckerberg and many more. The voices are very similar, so it feels like being dubbed using the voice of the famous person.

Download Audio in MP3 Format

Here we can also directly download the audio. Many who use the Vocodes site are not aware of this feature because the ‘Download’ button is hidden or located on another page. All mp3 files that you create, will be automatically saved in the ‘Result’ menu. Only when you leave the site will the sound of text you create disappear. So before saving audio, you don’t leave the site just yet. If it’s already out, then make it again from scratch.

Make a Lipsyn Video with Your Sound of Text

There is a ‘Video’ menu in Vocodes. In the menu there is a collection of moving images (gifs) or still images, you can also upload your own images from your gallery file, which can later be used to make lipsyn videos.

We can add audio sound of text that we made earlier. Then make a short lipsyn video from the moving image. In the motion picture, there are several famous figures, such as Donald Trump, TV artist, news presenter and movie character. There they were talking, mouth moving but no sound. Our task will just add audio only. Then make as if they say something from the sound of text that we enter. This feature can only be used to make videos of 30 seconds (maximum).

How to Use Vocodes to Create Sound of Text

Here’s how:
  1. Go to the site
  2. Then select ‘Random Speaker’ according to the desired sound category so you can more easily find the sound you want
  3. Then in the ‘Speaker Info’ section, select the type of sound
  4. Enter the text you want to voice, a maximum of 500 characters
  5. Then click ‘Speak’

How to Download Audio of the Sound of Text We’ve Made in Vocodes

  1. After clicking ‘Speak’, a sound will appear from the text we entered. To download it, please go to the ‘Result’ menu
  2. Go to the ‘Results’ menu. It’s at the very top
  3. Then click ‘Download’ on the relevant sound of text
  4. Click ‘Play’ if you want to hear it again
  5. We can download it by recording it manually using the site

With the site, we can record the sound that appears on the cellphone, edit it and cut audio directly from the site.

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