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Best Practices for QR Codes: What You Need to Know

QR codes have become a powerful and engaging tool for marketers to use. In this blog post you will learn what they are, the best practices, for using them and some marketing campaigns that have been successful with QR Codes.

1. What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of squares.   QR Codes are read by smart phones with the use of a free app such as Quick Mark or Red Laser Bar Code Scanner. When scanned, these codes can link to information on the internet, serve as a phone number to contact someone directly from your mobile

2. How to use them ?

QR codes can be integrated into your current marketing strategy by using them on:

Posters Signs Leaflets Flyers Business Cards Vehicles Website or Blog Articles Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs) Marketing Materials Advertising Packages Mobile Applications Newsletters Magazines and more. You can generate qr code on free tools such as QR code online generator from Autobild Indonesia.

3. Best Practices for using them

Codes with static and dynamic data are the most successful. Use both to create a reward program or coupon that is only available through scanning the code.

4. Marketing campaigns that have been successful with QR Codes .

The most common successful campaigns are the ones with QR codes that connect to a mobile web page. This allows you to track how many times your code has been scanned as well as which sources (How/Where did people find your code) and gives you valuable data on where you should target your advertising in the future for maximum impact.

The article talks about QR codes and some reasons for using them. It also provides guidelines as to how to set-up the QR code. The article aims at providing marketers with various strategies to help them use QR codes in their marketing campaign.

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